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Some additional information about growing hops based on latitude
I will mention most craft brewing countries in this post, starting with the U.S. and Canada, but I have broken this down into labeled sections in case you prefer to go straight to your own area of...
12 years ago 2
The Maxwell's Plum 60 beer on tap, and over 100 bottled beer to choose from! If you're a true beer lover don't miss this place if you're in the area. We stayed at the Hotel right across the street by fluke which is how we found out about this pub....
12 years ago
New information about growing hops
For those who grow hops or are considering it, I have a couple of bits of information that you should find interesting. First, most homegrowers have no idea of what the alpha acid content of their ...
12 years ago
secondary fermentation
I have a batch of IPA I racked to secondary a few weeks ago. How long can I safely keep it in secondary. It is in a dark cool(60 degrees) environment Craig
12 years ago 6
Excessively carbonated beer
I've been brewing for about a decade, and every once in a while I get a brew which ages out and becomes excessively carbonated, as in the entire contents slowly bubble out of the bottle when opene...
12 years ago 1
Uh oh :(
2 weeks ago I brewed up a batch of dark cherry stout from extract/DME and grain that I steeped for color I assume. Anyways, I started with an OG of 1.048 and today I racked it off to a second car...
12 years ago 1
R.I.M.S Pump
Hello, i am looking for a magnetic drive pump suitable for a R.I.M.S system, it must tolerate minimum 120 DEG Celsius, and have a suitable flow for about 50 liters of worth.. and run on 230V AC ( ...
12 years ago
Hello, i am looking for a pump suitable for a R.I.M.S system, it must tolerate minimum 120 DEG Celsius, and have a suitable flow for about 50 liters of worth.. and run on 230V AC ( 60 hz ) since t...
12 years ago
Anybody grown their own hops?
From what I've read, they're not too hard to grow. Any reports of success or failure would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
12 years ago 4
Brew Your Own Beer!
12 years ago
Yeast Sediment
Is there (enough) live yeast cells in the sediment in the bottom of the primary fermenter? If so, could a portion be collected and maybe put in with some of the leftover wort and stored in the re...
12 years ago 3
Brewing Software
My favorite supply house offers ProMash and Beersmith Brewing Software. Is one better than the other? Are either of them any good? Looking to have software where I can input ingredients and it ...
12 years ago 3
Cheapest places to buy ingredients?
I'm new to this and I want to start brewin' my own. I live in a very rural area and don't have a "local brewshop." If anybody knows of good places to mail order or order online ingredients at re...
12 years ago 3
I'm looking at a recipe that calls for 2.0 oz of 4.4 Alpha Acid Hops. I don't have a clue what type of hops those are can anyone help? Thanks, Shane
12 years ago 3
checking s.g.
hey there... rookie brewer here and i've got my primary going in a 5 gallon carboy and was wondering how i would check my s.g. the fluid is filled to the bottom of the neck, and i don't want to lose...
12 years ago 5