Krups tea kettle leaks

We've been using a Krups electric tea kettle (model #856) for
a few years and it has been great, but it recently developed
a small leak.
Does anyone know whether this can be fixed?...or should we just
get a new kettle? Thanks.
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My only suggestion would be to use a two part epoxy if it is just a crack in the plastic. Seal it fromt he outside not the inside to minimize water contact with the epoxy. Or if you want to be adventurous you can heat up a piece of metal and use it to re-melt the plastic to seal it.
If it isn't plastic, then you'd have to decide if anyhing will seal it. Possibly a two part epoxy would still work.
I'd say a few years got your money's worth, and it may be time to move on. Zojirushi makes excellent electric kettles and I think many here would easily recommend them. They cost a bit more but should wear like iron.
best of luck, - Dominic
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Dominic T.
I'd agree here -- maybe it's time for a new one? Where's the crack?
I personally though like the control I have over a regular electric kettle, rather than a Zojirushi, which boils and reboils water without instant control. The cost certainly is a factor as well.
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Both of our Krups electric kettles leaked. We have had them for a few years. Is the problem related to a failed seal?
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Where are they leaking? And why would there be a seal? Any place where there is any kind of seal or seam is suspicious. --scott
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Scott Dorsey

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