One "self-indulgent" gift for the holidays

Hello, all,
Every year at this time, my husband and I choose a "non-profit" to whom
we give a donation in lieu of gifts. And every year, we buy ourselves
one small self-indulgent gift. Of course, for me, it's tea.
If you were to buy yourselves a self-indulgent tea, what would it be? I
am curious and welcome suggestions.
Have peaceful holidays.
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'Heirloom Lishan' from Red Blossom Tea Company, or 'Imperial Wen Shan Bao Zhong' from Imperial Tea Court.
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Yo, Shen: I would recommend the Xi-Zhi Hao "Tai Chi Series" banzang mountain pu-erh cakes from, or the 70's Guang Yun Gong cake from the same supplier. I like this supplier alot for his unusual selection and prompt delivery. If you ship from China you will not get your goodies before xmas, but Guang will get your goodies to you in just a few days. The Guang Yun Gong would be something to impress the heck out of any of your friends who know from pu-erh, and all the Xi-Zhi Hao products are well made and gorgeously presented. Hope this helps! Sincerely, Teajunkie
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tea junkie
Oh, I agree. I have recently bought some delicious teas from Houdeasianart. But, holey-moley, that's $399.00! Too rich for my blood. Thanks for the thought, though. Shen
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For me tea is a simple pleasure, the simpler the better. A few years ago I purchased an Olson Stoneware tea kettle for around $35, that is about as indulgent as I get with tea.
However I would take a flight to Paris to spend lots of dollars on Marriage Freres tea.
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I bought my fiance a nice Yixing with a handle that looks like a twig/branch that wraps and loops up over the top of the pot. (she really likes it and it is a beautiful teapot)
I bought myself some Red Robe (Da Hong Pao) Oolong, and some Snow Bud Leopard white/green.
I think that's about it for this year.
- Dominic
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Dominic T.
Hello Shen, I would like to self indulge with an oolong fron anxi, a beautiful buddas palm from a very dear man who shared some of his with me. I would have so much that I would share with everyone who asked me . And we could all have a sip of heaven together! Jenn
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