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Wow, I received a few bottles of very fine SM scotch this week. Due to the
fact I am at work today, I can't list them all, but one I have in front of
I have indulged in a dram or 2 of high end scotch, but some of these bottles
look very rare. For instance, this is from the label of the first bottle:
Peerless Caperdonich 32yr Cask #4379
After a little research I discovered this bottle is rare. Looking for anyone
that has had the good fortune of tasting this.
I will post up the remaining bottles when I get home.
Thanks to all & thanks for a great newsgroup I frequent often.
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Scott W
I also received a bottle wedged in a cardboard box about 10 inches high: The Glenroths Single Speyside Malt 43%; Distilled in 1992 Bottled in 2005. It has a label signed by 2 employees & dated.
Can anyone help me on this one?
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Scott W
Both the 1991 and 1992 expressions of Glenrothes are available here in the U.S. The 1992 is a lovely malt (I also have the 1991 but unopened yet) with overtones of licorice, honey and berries. This is classic Glenrothes.
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