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That's handy to know. I've always been a bit scared of taking my own tea into restaurants, even though most of the time I'd certainly prefer that. Recently, for trips to the park though, I've been using T-Sac bags which are unbleached and don't really leak much of their taste into the tea. (and of course are bio-degradable).
Let me know how the bulk blends at the health food store taste.. I'm always interested.
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> Joe, > > I've been buying the stuff in bags, because it's more convenient, > especially for travel and for taking to restaurants. Did you know > that most restaurants don't charge anything if you take your own tea > bag? And I like the Big Brand blends. Vitaglo made it quite > affordable, til they increased the minimum for free shipping. > > I'll probably check out the bulk blends at the health food store, just > in case. > > Thanks, Dianna > > > >Dianna wrote, > > > >>Does anybody have a better (ie. cheaper but still reliable) source for > >>herbal tea? > > > >Dianna, I checked out the Vitaglo website, and unless I'm missing something, it > >seems the only offer the big brands Alvita and Celestial Seasonsings, and then > >mostly in bags. > > > >Bags are always far more expensive than loose; and big brands more expensive > >than the bulk varieties. I am certain there are herbal tea suppliers out there > >on the net who sell in bulk. You could probably even do better (than Vitaglo) > >with the bulk herbs at health food stores, but if you are far from such places, > >mail order is the way to go. > > > >I'd do some computer searches on bulk herbs. I'm happy with what I find at the > >health food store, so I haven't looked into a cybersource for these. Although > >I did once buy some exotic herbs online that I couldn't find elsewhere at all. > > > >Of course, if you are really enamoured of a certain blend that is only > >available from Celestial, or something, then you will be locked into buying it > >as you have been. Even so, there must be vendors who charge less for shipping. > > > >Joe Kubera > > _______________________________________________ > To reply, please remove "fluff" from my address.
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