Re: The effects of re-aerating the water

I can always tell a difference between boiled tap water and boiled filtered
tap water, but that might just be me...

> > Chris Slater on his site
> >
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> says this, also:
> >
> > "One source claims "tap water loses oxygen when it's left standing in
> > the water pipes"! Given the provisos listed above, use anything you
> > like. Unless rats have been doing unspeakable things in your hot-water
> > supply tank, use hot water if it suits.
> From what I've understand, hot water tanks over time build up metals in the
> process of heating and keeping it warm, the water, and one should never cook
> with or drink water drawn from it. I always draw cold water but whether it is
> absolutely necessary, I do not know.
> > My water stands for
> > months in
> > plastic tanks in the garage, and there's no difference between the
> > last cup of one shipment and the first of the next. More nonsense is
> > the degree to which you water should be boiled - rolling, before, or
> > not, depending on the whim of whoever is telling you. Take it from me,
> > there is no difference between freshly boiled water and water boiled
> > for an hour, except that the latter is more concentrated. Some sources
> > talk of water losing its oxygen when ?over-boiled'. Watch water as it
> > heats - it's losing dissolved gases the whole time it's heating, and
> > they've well gone by the time water boils. It's why water goes quiet
> > just before it boils - the gases have finished ?fizzing' because the
> > solubility of gases in water reduces as the temperature rises." > >
> > My question is whether water can be re-aerated, and if so to good
> > effect. According to my kitchen table 'experiments' it can. Thanks
> > for your input on the issue.
> I have no experience with the question you've asked but based on what
> you've said/experimented with it sounds like it is quite possible to reaerate
> water after it has been boiled.
> >
> > BF
> >
> J
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