recommendation for herbal tea??

I need a recommendation for a good herbal tea. I really like real tea
but I'm sensitive to caffeine. Even decaf Eng. Breakfast Tea still has
caffeine, and a second cup is enough to make me feel uncomfortable.
My wife and daughter like fruit teas, like Lemon Zinger etc.. I find
them too sweet and, well, fruity....
I only drink an herbal tea now (Mint Medley) when I'm sick. Otherwise,
I don't like it.
I'm looking for a completely caffeine free tea that either tastes like
tea, or at least isn't a sweet tasting tea. Other taste notes (ie:
smoky) might be fine.
Nothing too exotic, but I do have a Whole Foods locally so I have some
range available.
Thanks for your help...
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I'd ask at Whole Foods what they would recommend. But my experience is that nothing tastes like tea but tea. I personally like the Zingers, but also licorice tea, ginger tea, and chocolate mint rooibus. You might try a plain rooibus, and experiment from there. Toci
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I second the rooibos reccomendation. It is the most 'tea' tasting (black tea) My favorite herbals come from Rishi (online and in Whole foodds--I like the passion fruit rooibos and ginger lime rooibos, and plain rooibos) and Mountain rose herbs (also online- I love their Dream tea- it does as the name implies- really) You can also get some yerba mate ( Eco Tea and Guayaki are carried by whole foods - Mate sports an herbal caffeine equivalent called 'matteine' Good luck and report back your results.
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I would highly recommend Hibiscus Tea It makes a really nice hot tea and even better iced tea Its a red tangy infusion similar a little to rose hip tea or strawberry kiwi if you've had either of those. I apologize for using the word tea, tisane would be more appropriate as it really isn't tea at all. Its caffeine free and high in vitamin C
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I like Earl Grey Rooibos/Rooibos Earl Grey/whatever the name depending on vendor. Anyway, it's rooibos with the bergamot flavoring of the Earl Grey tea.
Also, plain rooibos - sometimes I add 1/8 to 1/4 tsp of vanilla to the 4-cup pot for variety.
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