stranded without red rose in Boston

I am a Canadian staying in Boston for a while and miss Red Rose tea. Do any Bostonians or otehrs in thius area know of a good alternative and where you can buy quality loose tea in the Greater Boston area?
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A local shop that is reliable, but not dirt cheap, is Tealux. They have a store on Newbury Street (crossroad is Dartmouth, if I remembered correctly). They also have a store in Harvard Square. Ask around if you need directions, most people should know. That's probably your best bet.
There's also a store on Newbury that sells Sri Lankan teas, loose. They're not bad, although it's upstairs and is a bit harder to find. I forgot their exact location.
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There is Tealuxe, which has a small selection and is very expensive, but has some quality stuff. Also there is a place on Newbury street a couple blocks down called Timeless Teas, which basically sells only Ceylon teas from a supplier called Tang Tea. No super high grade stuff, but they have some respectable BOP from various Ceylon estates. --scott
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Scott Dorsey

Just a thought, but I would think any decent grocery store would sell PG Tips. You might find it superior to Red Rose and even though it comes mainly in teabag form it is very enjoyable. Loose PG Tips is available just harder to find.
The other solid fairly easy to find standby is an Indian market/grocery, they will sell Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea and Lipton Green Label Darjeeling loose for pennies and it is also a good fill-in.
Most cities have some sort of "Chinatown" or asian neighborhoods where you can also find decent if not surprising quality tea in a new and foriegn land.
Best of luck, eh? :) And don't forget to wear your took, it's getting chilly. - Dominic
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Dominic T.

I meant to say "Don't forget your *tuke*, it's getting chilly."
Darn spellcheck and it's un-Canadian slang knowledge!
- Dominic
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Dominic T.

I, too, don't know about the Red Rose, but I was coincidentally in Cardullo's in Harvard Square, and while I didn't see any Red Rose (which doesn't mean they don't have it - they have dozens of brands), they do, re: Dominic's suggestion, have PG Tips. I've long had the impression that, if you have to drink tea bags, PG Tips are considered the best or among the best. 'Course, that's not saying much.
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Doug Hazen, Jr.

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