Canadian tea drinkers- Red Rose tea - what happened to quality?

> > > > Hi > > I've been a Red Rose tea drinker for the past 30 plus years. At one > time > it was fragrant strong tea.You would open the box and the wonderful > aroma > would was delicious.I purchased some boxes in the past 2 months and > Lipton > company, who I believe has taken over Red Rose, has changed the product > into > GUTROT! > > The aroma is gone. There is NO tea flavor. I generally steep my tea for > 5-10 > min and even after doing this it still is TASTELESS SWAMP WATER > > My Red Rose drinking friends have found the same thing. > > Is there another tea out there that is comparable to the original Red > Rose > flavor? > > Roseanne I am SO Glad to finally see that someone else has noticed. I agree! Another verification that it is not the same tea- my tea mug is white and every few days (with the original Red Rose tea, I had to wash out my mug with either bleach or Barkeeper's Friend because of the stains. Now the mug never gets stained! I sent the following to Red Rose and they responded via email, never admitting that they changed the tea also: "New Look, Same great taste". Baloney!! Every morning of my life since I was a young adult, (I'm now 70) I looked forward to my first cup of Red Rose tea, I even ordered it in bulk from Walmart when my local supermarkets stopped selling it. So.. I recently opened my newest box of tea and I couldn't believe the dramatic difference in taste. I tried steeping it hotter and longer, but it still has NO TASTE- the longer and hotter I steep it, it tastes more like cereal! Unfortunately, I bought 3 boxes before I realized that this is not the tea I want to be drinking for the rest of my life (I literally drink a quart of tea of a morning). I know that this email will not be enough to make Red Rose go back to the original, but you sure can't claim (as on your box cover) that it is a "full flavored black tea". I will be searching for a new tea, but I know that my days of thoroughly enjoying my morning tea are over!" After reviewing other teas, I tried Tetley Tea, but it doesn't come close to the aroma and flavor that we once enjoyed with Red Rose > I don't do social media, so I don't have an avenue to vent- all I can say, is, Thank You for also speaking up. Please feel free to pass along my comments! Clare >
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