Sun dried raw pu erh

Can anyone give an example of sun dried raw pu erh (link or just name of
the factory & recipe)? Are those pu erhs rare? And is it really
important to the taste of pu erh if you sun-dry it instead of baking?
Thank you!
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Oleg Vorobyov
As I understand it, the difference is a matter of quality, not necessity--sun-dried is more highly prized than puerh that's been dried "artificially" (in both cases, we're still talking about uncooked or "sheng" puerh, not cooked puerh, which is an entirely different thing).
Hope that helps.
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Collective wisdom from those I have spoken with basically says that the sun dried process ages much better than other methods. These other methods are fine for tea you intend to drink in the near-term future, however if you intend to sit on the tea for 20-30 years then you are well advised to select a sun dried type.
Telling the difference is the challenge.
Mike Petro
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Mike Petro

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