The current state of tea.

I was walking through the local tea market the day before yesterday in search of a new tea table. I noticed a pretty interesting difference in teas available. The market is no longer completely Puerh driven as it was a few years ago; seems to be more about novelty teas. Each of the dozen shops I used to frequent for a cup and a chat now has Yingde Red, several differnet types of local greens or maybe some odd medicinal ingredients. The damaged economy is forcing vendors to up the interest level of their shops.
Sales tactics have also changed. Now there are promises of pollution-free or pesticide-free teas; an impossibility in the face of the supply and demand tea problem here. The Puerh choices have dwindled to only famous factories and the touts no longer lie about this and that being 30-years old. The local tea drinking population has finally wised up to the age scam as their flavor continues to mature.
The prices of everything now is off the charts. Good thing I can bargain in their own language. I ended up paying less for my tea tray than I did 6 years ago when I bought the last one, but with the value of the USD where it is, I actually paid the same.
I mostly drink greens made by my friend's family, Taiwanese Oolong and the Puerh that I've collected over the years.
This is Mydnight signing off, still in China searching out the best cup for the value.
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