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Tea haiku
Oolong steam rises, Entwines midnight cricket song - Rejoicing spirits. Martha (who never claimed to be a ~good~ poet)
16 years ago 8
I recently went to a couple of Asian markets in the area to check out some teas. Most of what I got wasn't to spectacular. I bought some Foo Joy Dragon Well that tastes like Dragon Well, but has a f...
16 years ago 33
Re-Joining Group
Hi All, I have been away from the group for some time. But I have been back about a week and the postings are very interesting (I actually read the last 500!). Some of the members from before appea...
16 years ago 2
Darjeeling tea plantations go to pot
Published in today's [UK] Daily Telegraph: Darjeeling tea plantations go to pot By Rahul Bedi in Darjeeling (Filed: 18/10/2003) In the shadows of the Himalayas the tea plantations of Darjeeling, wh...
16 years ago 3
On the subject of tea balls.
On a recent trip out west, I took a tin of tea, a measuring spoon, the egg timer I mentioned in another post, and a couple of tea balls along. I wanted to take my electric kettle, too, but my husband...
16 years ago 11
New teashop in Toronto
Hey guys, I found this new tea shop in Toronto called Yaffa's Cafe & Teahouse. It's not a tearoom or anything funky like that, but it does have a fairly decent selection of teas. Their sign says somet...
16 years ago 2
Fook Ming Tong Tea Shop
Hi group! Has anyone ever heard of this place? They are in Hongkong and have a few _very_ nice (sounding) specialities in their program. Thanks, Ralf -- mail2me? add a box to the mail - anything ...
16 years ago 2
build your own custom tea blends
hey everyone, i found this site,, where yer able to create your own custom blends. they only have flavored black teas, but i wrote to them and they said that they are planning to add o...
16 years ago 2
Charcoal roasted oolong, mmn?
I watched Olivier Assayas' film "HHH - A Portrait of Hou Hsiao-Hsien" yesterday. The film crew visit a cafe in a town where HHH had previously shot "A City of Sadness", somewhere in the south of Taiwa...
16 years ago 9
Where do you generally buy your tea?
I'm from Paris (France) and I buy teas from Betjeman And Barton. No doubt it's one of the most prestigious tea merchant (the first shop settled in Paris in 1919). My favorite teas are their Formose (d...
16 years ago 6
Antioxidant content and multiple infusions
As I understand it, almost all of the caffeine in green tea will be dissolved in the first infusion, and so any following infusions will have no caffeine. Does the same happen with antioxidants too...
16 years ago
Second yixin teapot and king 913 oolong tea
I bought a new red yixin teapot and King 913 Oolong tea to brew in it. When I bought the tea I did not know it had ginseng and would not have purchased if I did. This frustated me because the englis...
16 years ago 2
A Tea Addicts Strange Compulsion
Hi ALl, Its me once again starting a new thread!!! I just wanted to mention that in addition to having a tea addiction and by no means does this counter insert with that of a caffeine addiction I wou...
16 years ago 7
A puzzlement. All my long tea-drinking life, I had read and heard that tea leaves perform best when unencumbered by tea balls or small insert-infusers. (I guess that's also why infusers themselves s...
16 years ago 11
Where to find >3-min sandglass?
Using an egg timer to brew black teas has really made a difference over just wandering off for a while. (Electronic timers don't seem to fit the aesthetic.) I've only found 3-minute timers in kitchen ...
16 years ago 7