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Re: Tea drinking on the wane
I always read that the Irish drink the most tea (probably per capita). Also, Indians drink more. Thank God for Indians. I get my everyday tea and masala tea spice cheaply at the local Indian marke...
16 years ago 1
Re: New Zealand
On 3 Jul 2003 05:52:39 -0700, (Doug) spoketh thusly.....: I'm so envious. Here in South Carolina, the summer temperatures often soar to 105 (40+ C) or more, with 99.999% humidity. ...
16 years ago 1
Re: Boba Tea
Try searching for "bubble tea" instead, perhaps. It does take a while to cook, so I tend to just buy bubble tea pre-made. :-) A pressure cooker may speed things up; and I bet making a large bat...
16 years ago 1
Re: Pointer to the FAQ and Vendor Lists
By the way, I just added six new commercial tea sites to my web page. -- Pursuant to US Code, Title 47, Chapter 5, Subchapter II, '227, any and all ...
16 years ago
Re: old tea
I've never gotten a headache even from really old tea. I have, however, developed headaches from drinking too much tea. In your efforts to finish off your old tea, did you find yourself drinking mor...
16 years ago
Re: Are you lot
Serves you right for putting the tea bag and milk in the cup. I would've thought you'd've learned by now, apart from the bag-and-milk-in-first "method" being an abomination in the eyes of all rig...
16 years ago 38
Re: Is is okay to eat green tea leaves?
Well, when making cups of green or oolong with the leaves rolled up into little balls, it might give you an idea how how many leaves per cup, eh? Maybe 10 to 15 balls/pearls per cup? Like the Jasmin...
16 years ago 3
Rishi: Tae Guan Yin
I've been thinking of trying Rishi's Iron Goddess of Mercy Tae Guan Yin. Has anyone ordered anything from them? What did you think of shipping and quality? -LG
16 years ago
Re: Health Benefits of White Tea
Have a look at our Caffeine in Tea thread. -LG
16 years ago
Health Benefits of White Tea
Ha ha... you should see our Caffeine in Tea thread. -LG >From: W Lee ( >Subject: Health Benefits of White Tea >Newsgroups: >Date: 20...
16 years ago 1
Re: Caffeine in tea
It depends on what you mean by "selective." If you mean entirely conscious or forced breeding, then *mostly* yes (albeit primarily in the modernized world, and outside of arranged marriages and the l...
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Re: All-in-one Stainless Steel Tea Mug (Cyndi Tai) wrote in > infuser basket and lid. Please visit our website at:
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