can you describe your scotch high?

Let's not beat around the bush here. We drink scotch and we talk scotch so
let's describe scotch but a side of the exiler that is all too often
overlooked. Namely, the high.
What is the high like to you when you are sipping your favorites scotch?
How do you drink it? Straight? With water? With a lot of water and ice in
a tall glass? What is your method and how exactly does it make you feel?
Can you keep the feeling going without waking up sick or needing to drink
water at three AM?
Describe your high.
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Jimmy Smith
I drink my Single Malts neat. Not even a drop of water......contrary to expert recommendations. A high is a high is a high. However, the process of savoring every drop of the SM is what matters to me. Depending on how much I drink the thrist does hit once in a while. For me it would be if I drank a half bottle in one night. But that's rare. Nonetheless, I love it!
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