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Hi All, With the state of the world today,has it made a major impact on buying/drinking of SMS? I my case it has big time, I have just had a £525 4 weekly pay cut and put on a 3 day week. I find with the household bills I can no longer afford the SMS I once could.I'm now looking at supermarket malts/vatted malts.Has anyone got any they can recommend to me.My taste are Islay, Island and sherried Speysides. Cheers, Drew.
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Drew Martin
Hi Drew,
Sorry to hear how you've been hit by this global economic downturn. I hope you're able to weather it and make a good comeback.
Clan MacGregor is an inexpensive supermarket Scotch. I bought it as a cooking whisky, but found it to be an adequate dram. Not the best, by any means, but adequate.
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Shit happens but goes away... :-) I found 'The Ileach' very good QPR! Anders
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Anders Tørneskog

Seems like a couple of trips ago, we found a supermarket Islay that was pretty good. It wasn't one of your bigger chains, and we found a bottle at a less-than-pretty store in Northallerton (Yorkshire). As I remember, it might have been ASDA??
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I can attest to that. Also the Dun Bheagan, Finlaggan and Smokehead, all young south Islays, often thought to be Lagavulins, that have been distributed in North America. I like these better than many older and much more expensive Islays. They are very energetic, in-your-face malts, with tons of peat, smoke and phenols.
I don't recommend the McClelland's Islay, a young Bowmore that doesn't excite my palate. But if you're a Bowmore fan, which I'm not, it might be worth looking for.
They don't have supermarket malts where I live, but if they did, I'd certainly be trying all the supermarket Islays. In fact, send me some and I'll happily share my opinion.
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