Display quality poster/print map of Scotland distilleries?

I'm looking to hang a pretty poster of Scotland with its distilleries
plotted out. I have all my scotch displayed on the wall with shelves, and
it'd be great to have a map of the distilleries to next to it, framed.
I've been doing a web search and I have not found any such map... even
something like in Michael Jackson's book would be fine, but the prettier
the map the better. Anyone know of one? Thanks,
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David Paris
Next to my meager collection is this:
formatting link
Nice map with listing of all (well, I hope so) distilleries in Scotland, size roughly 2 x 3 feet, 12 euros cheap (at least at this store).
christian -- You know you're obsessed with computer graphics when you're outside and you look up at the trees and think, "Wow! That's spectacular resolution!"
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Christian Woeller
You also have this, from Paris
formatting link
Also I think Collins has a special map of scotland with the distilleries, I'm not sure though it's useable as a poster...
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