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a few weeks ago I conducted a Scotch Whisky blind test with a
(reasonably experienced) volunteeer from a newsgroup I was reading.
17 brands were sampled - from a German discount retail blend at
10 Euros per litre to the 20 year old Bruichladdich at 15 times
that price. I have just finished the English web page containing
details on how the test was done and all the results, with photos
and all - enjoy!
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Frederik Ramm
Very interesting site, thanks for posting.
I would be interested to hear the taster's comments on the 'Ben Bracken' and 'Old Keeper' after purchasing them himself for revaluation.
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dave grayson
Very interesting test results and goes back to drink what you like and don't worry about the price. If you happen to like less expensive drams you are fortunate. We tried something similar with white wine about ten years ago and the cheapest wines were largely chosen over the more expensive brethren.
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William Saens
He couldn't bear to get a bottle of "Old Keeper", for fear of being seen with only a whisky bottle at the checkout of Germany's cheapest discount retailer - a situation that might well cast doubt on your drinking habits ;-)
But he did get a bottle of "Ben Bracken", and spoke thus:
"The recognition was there, Ben Bracken really was the whisky from the test. And I still maintain that I like it. It may not be a great whisky, but it is good and drinkable, very soft, pleasant without rough edges (the characteristic that I liked most in the blind test), and surely better than many whiskies sold for double the price. It is not unlikely that this was not the last bottle of Ben Bracken I bought."
There are rumours on the Internet that Ben Bracken is in fact a Tamnavulin whisky, owing to the fact that Ben Bracken's manufac- turer is owned by the same company as Tamnavulin, and Tamnavulin is the only speyside distillery owned by that company. But this is only a rumour.
Bye Frederik
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Frederik Ramm
I've tasted Ben Bracken 12y vs. Tamnavulin 12y head to head - they may be from the same distillery as they share some tastes, but the tamnavulin was much more complex and smooth than the Ben Bracken.
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Urs Janßen

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