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Last October in a discussion of how single malts "age" or "oxidize" while sitting open I posted my thoughts on what happened to a bottle of the Ardbeg 17 I had left open for the better part of a year.
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I thought this was interesting so at Douglas' suggestion I did a head to head test..and invited three friends along. All three had previously had and enjoyed a number of different Ardbegs so none were going in totally blind, however all they knew was that they were being given the 17 and another whisky that was supposed to be much like the 17.
The "Fresh" 17 got the following comments 1) smokier nose ..sweeter .. earthier .. shorter finish seemed less flavorful in comparison. 2) orangey.. smokey.. more peat.. more complex.. not as smooth. 3) "something funny in the nose, smoke and..?" caramel.. peat .. smooth finish 4) Sharper ... hotter .. smoke and peat
The "Older" 17 drew the following comments 1) sweet .. honey ..initial hot note turns fuller and smooth .. cooler.. "easy drinkin" 2) similar colour.. easier on the nose .. very smooth ..flavor holds up over time.. larger finish. 3) sweeter nose .. oily .. peat ..stronger finish .. longer finish. 4) less hot .. fruitier .. smoother .. longer finish.. less emphatic.
It was evenly split as to which whisky was preferred.. There was a great deal of surprise expressed when I told them what we had been tasting... everyone would have sworn we were drinking different whiskys.
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This is very interesting. How exactly did you store the "old" bottle? Was it really left open, meaning no cork in? And if it had a cork in, how much whisky was still in it?
By the way, I am relieved that you did not judge the "older" whisky to be worse, as I have quite a few opened bottles in my cupboard.
Greetings Knut
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Knut Kasper
It was just in the rotation.. I took care of it in just the same manner I would take care of any whisky (corked, in the box, in a cabinet). I just waited until I had reached the last three inches in the bottle, it took just over six months.
I was both pleased and relieved by the outcome... I too have more than a few open bottles, far too many to consume any one in 4-5 month period (though I do try sometimes).
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