Tasting notes: Evan Williams, and Johnnie Walker Black Label

A few days ago I was at Total Wine and picked up 2 bottles
of whisky:
- Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky, 375ml ($18)
- Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 50ml ($1)
My tasting notes:
Johnnie Walker Black Label: Smell in glass is of rubbing
alcohol, nothing else. Flavor on sipping shows a touch of
toasted oak, a little sweetness, a little malt. Adding a
splash of water tames the alcohol and draws out a slight
hint of peat. Overall impression: bland, undrinkable swill.
My grade: F. Waaaaay over-priced at $18/375ml.
Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Smell in
glass is an over-powering, heady bouquet of flowers and
herbs. On sipping, luscious velvety texture and rich,
strong odors of flowers, herbs, fruit, leather, soap,
women's perfume, and other things I can't begin to
identify. Intoxicating witch's brew. Startling and
off-putting to someone like me who's idea of "whisky"
is Macallan, Glen Morangie, or Laphroaig. But I like it.
Overall impression: Strong, complex, rich, well-balanced.
My grade: B. (And that's from a Bourbon-hater.)
An amazing whiskey! And I only paid $1 for it (albeit
a tiny bottle.) I wish I'd bought 18 bottles of this
instead of spending that $18 on Johnnie Walker Black.
I hope Johnnie Walker Green is a WHOLE lot better than
their Black (which, in my opinion, sux), else I may skip
the Green and go for a single malt in a few weeks.
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