What are the differences between malts used to make

1. Scotch 2. Beer 3. Malted Milk Shakes
It is my experience that the malt syrup that is sold for making beer is unsuitable for making malted milk shakes and flavoring for malted milk shakes is damn more expensive. Also, I remember that about 60 years ago there was a solid, brown, otherwise transparent, strongly flavored malt candy that came in broken chunks and tasted the same as the flavoring used in malted milk shakes. It doesn't seem to be available anymore.
It also seems to me that various Scotches taste more or less close to either beer or the flavoring used to make malted milk shakes. Does anyone have any insight into this?
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Sure, but just because this is the first post to the group in a long time..
Scotch is made with malted barley, the whole grain not simply barley malt which would be the sugar extracted from the whole grain.
Beer Malt is usually barley but can be other things as well, there is a good write-up here
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Scotch is what happens to beer when it goes to heaven
Malted Milk products like Ovaltine use the sugars extracted from the malted grain and and milk powders they may also add chocolate or other flavors, so that is probably the biggest difference.
IIRC Most of the Candies were just the extracted sugars refined into lump form
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" Scotch is what happens to beer when it goes to heaven" - So, are you saying that Scotch is distilled beer? That's what J&B Scotch taste like to me. I want Scotch that smells more like malted milk than beer. It would be an interesting experiment to actually try to pass off distilled beer as Scotch.
"sugars extracted from the malted grain" - I would not expect refined sugars to have any odor, let alone the odor I want. In any case, malted milk flavoring can be fermented with yeast and distilled. I wonder what that would taste like?
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Not distilled beer, but the mash process for beer and whisky is identical. What comes afterwards, then, is different.
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