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A dram good job to boost tourism
16 years ago
Whisky now cheaper in Denmark than Scotland
AND I LIKE IT VERY MUCH !!!!!! ( yes i do live in denmark ) ;-) ms "Johanna" skrev i en meddelelse news:
16 years ago 1
Tullibardine Distillery into spirit by year-end
16 years ago
Bowmore 30yo Sea Dragon
Hi all, You may remember me complaining about finding my first ever Bowmore displaying the foul FWP syndrome a few months ago. It was a 30yo Sea Dragon. It was disgusting. Now, a moment ago (with the ...
16 years ago
Last weekend's tasting...
... I don't think you could call it getting bombed, though ;-) As I mentioned a few days ago, last weekend saw yet another meeting of people gathered round a few Campbeltown and Arran malts. As it tur...
16 years ago 1
labels on-line
It has taken me quite some time, but it is done! My complete whiskylabelcollection (almost 500) is to be seen on the internet now. > lads&lassies >collector's corner Frans >> Water is for drinking dri...
16 years ago 7
45k post selling whisky to the Americans
I am ready, willing, and able to do this job! On a more realistic front, why aren't there postings for positions like these, or at least at the company sponsored tastings, a way to get into the indust...
16 years ago 1
Any of you guys getting bombed this weekend?
I know I'm not suppose to talk about the fact that you all get high on your hooch, but, any you guys getting bombed? I had this friend that used to get "bombed" every Friday. I don't mean high...........
16 years ago 2
Johnnie Walker Gold vs Black
Is anyone here familiar with Johnnie Walker Gold? If you are, how does it compare to JW Black? What is your general impression of it? Jimmy What is the quality of the high?
16 years ago
The List (October 2003)
I don't see my Tomatin 10 43% in there. I bought it last week for $19.99. It is the color of gravy and tastes like it has been aged in red vermouth barrels, if there is such a thing. I'm glad to find ...
16 years ago 3
Does whisky/alcohol vapour explode?
In article , says... [snip] Certainly alcohol can explode at the right concentration, temperature and pressure but I don't think there's much chance of a camera flash setting off a distillery. My gues...
16 years ago 11
how is single barrel Jack Daniels?
does it stand up to bakers, bookers, knob creek, makers mark, etc? Is it just me, or is that a strange question to post to irish-whiskey and scotch-whisky ngs? FWIW, I'd say "no it doesn't", just as b...
16 years ago 11
For Jimmy
Murray Mc David did an independent bottling of it and called it Leapfrog. Maybe because it's easier to spell. Gunnar, I believe your post herein is the reason for the existence of scotch. Scotch is ma...
16 years ago 7
Jimmy Smith
Rather than engage this halfwit and reward his foolishness with attention, I suggest that it will be more effective to simply ignore him and his posts. Jim Bob will soon tire of the lack of response a...
16 years ago 1
What do you do while high on scotch?
So I had me some Johnnie Walker Red, then some Black then some J&B Rare and then I found myself in a different place where things just didn't seem to matter. You see, I had crossed the line and now wa...
16 years ago 22