About a year ago, we took a bus tour of wineries in northern Baja
California, Mexico. Most of the wine we tasted was pretty lousy but
the tour guide touted the L.A. Cetto 1999 Nebbiolo Reserva Privada,
which was not available for tasting. Unfortunately, I cannot remember
the price, but thought it reasonable, (under $15.00, I believe) so we
bought a bottle. We just tasted it tonight and it was
excellent-earthy, with true nebbiolo flavor with good body and smooth
tannins. Has anyone on the list had some good Mexican wines and are
they available in the United States, particularly, the Cetto Nebbiolo?
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Hi, The wine store at San Antonio Winery in downtown Los Angeles carries some L.A. Cetto wines and may be able to get others if you ask for them. I toured Route 3 between Ensenada and Tecate last fall and was also pleasantly surprised. They make some lovely meritage blends, especially Monte Xanic and Chateau Camou. Did not like anything from Domeq. Am told that Casa de Piedra, Mogor Badan and Vina Liceaga are excellent wineries as well, but didn't get a chance to try them. I also liked some of the higher end reds at Santo Tomas. Unfortunately, except for some L.A. Cetto, none of it is imported. Sometimes, however, you can find things at auction web sites. Happy hunting. Barbara
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