help me choose which to serve out of several nice bordeaux

'75 Chat Latour '76 Chat Latour '77 Chat Latour '89 Chat Latour '61 Chat La Mission Haut Brion '67 Cheval Blanc '62 Chat Talbot
and a couple of bottles of burgundy
'72 Chambertin-Clos De Beze
Please help me with these bottles, I am not an expert by any means and I am trying to seperate the wheat from the chaff. These are wines my late father had in storage and the meal is prime rib. Thanks
Savoir Faire
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savoir faire ez everywhere
The '61 and the '89 are quite good. (1961 is an outstanding year.) The '75 should be drinking well, and should be consumed soon. The '72 Burgundy may be quite good. It was not a great year, but I had a '72 Burg a few years ago and it was really fine.
The other vintages may be serviceable depending on the storage. Though they are not good years.
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Coppy Littlehouse
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There's no chaff here, although some of these will be better than others. 1977 wasn't much of a vintage and 67 wasn't great either, but the rest, if properly stored, should vary between fine and outstanding.
If you want to choose one, I'd pick the 61 La Mission.
Ken Blake
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