Larry - CSC Gamay R

Went to CSC yesterday and in their store move they have found 12 more bottles of the 2002 Gamay R. Just thought you might be interested. Also they are having a released day Nov 20 and the new Gamay R is being released then.... sounds like a bit of an event that I will probably take in.... might be nice to meet if your interested.
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Chuck Reid
Sounds like a great idea Chuck! I bought a case of the 02 about two months ago, but the 03s sound like a good idea to buy.
That weekend is right in the middle of report card writing but I wouldn't mind meeting you for a couple of hours that day. I'll get back to you this week and we can set up a time to meet. I suppose the time for all the activities is on their web site?
Talk to ya later Chuck,
All the best,
Larry Southern Ontario
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