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On Fri, 30 Jan 2004 06:42:49 GMT, Mark Lipton said:
] Here are my notes from a recent tasting put on by JC Mathes of J et R ] Selections (
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), a smallish importer who ] specializes in wines from small domaines in the Rh=F4ne Valley, with a few ] domaines from elsewhere in France. All told, they import 140 different ] domaines, and IMO generally bring in wines of character and value. Last ] night's wines: ]=20 [snip] ] Then, on to the Rhone: ] 2000 La Tourade C=F4tes du Rh=F4ne ] nose: bananas (!!) and bright red fruit ] palate: slightly gamey upon entry, with acids and red fruit in the ] midpalate, before a moderately tannic finish ] Somewhat bizzare for CdR. I tried to find out if they were using ] "maceration carbonique" but didn't get a chance. That nose sure put me ] in mind of wines of that ilk, though. ]=20
Hi Mark,
Thanks for the notes. I don't know La Tourade, but looked it up following your post. The wine above is listed as 90% Grenache, 10% syrah (in Hachett= e) and the writeup mentions "traditional" CdR style, not reflected in your tas= ting. I wonder if these wines had just arrived, and were suffering from a bit of= =20 travel shock?
[] ] 2000 La Tourade Vacqueyras ] nose: gamey, cherries ] palate: softer on entry than the '99, rich fruit in the midpalate before ] an acidic finish. ] Softer and simpler than the '99, but still a decent wine. Between the ] two, however, I preferred the '99. ]=20
They disagree specifically on the finish, noting a "soft, short finish." (r= oughly). Again, bottle shock? The rest of your note agrees with the panel, though.
[snip] ] 2000 La Tourade Gigondas Cuv=E9e Font des Aieux ] nose: some heat, and oak(??) with deep cherry fruit ] palate: rich mouthfeel, lots of cherryish fruit and a tannic finish ] This was the biggest of the Gigondas stable, but also more expensive ] (~$24). This one might develop into something very interesting in a few ] years, though. ]=20
Hachette's panel loved this wine, too. Listed in the 11-15 EU range "depar= t cave."
[] ] 1999 Grand Tinel Chateauneuf du Pape ] nose: leather, tobacco and some fruit underneath ] palate: rich mouthfeel, cherry fruit, before a clean finish ] A very nice CdP selling for a Gigondas price (~$25). After the earlier ] wines, this came across as big and rich. Yum! ]=20
I've always had a soft spot for this domain, a very nice family (kids and a= ll) and thankfully wines that have never been "parkerized." You may remember my relating that we used to get scads of a young vine CdP declass=E9 sold as table wine for 12 FF a bottle in the early-mid 90s, until the neighbors= =20 complained (theirs, not ours -- our neighbors often took a case or two of our order).
Glad to hear that the price is staying reasonable in your neck of the woods. Grand Tinel usually does very well in "lesser" years, with bottles that can be drunk or held.
] 1999 Bois de Boursan Chateauneuf du Pape ] nose: gamey, leather and seaweed ] palate: slightly alcholic on entry, giving way to deep cherry fruit and ] an acidic finish ] Yes, this is the same wine I tasted last week! (5 wines from J et R at ] the last tasting) If you go back and read my notes from that tasting, ] you'll see why I'm not a professional wine reviewer. ;-) Good stuff, ] though (~$30). ]=20
Yep, my consistancy suffers too, when compared to the pros! :)
But, this sounds shocked too. An out!
] 2001 Domaine du P=E9ga=FC Chateauneuf du Pape ] nose: slightly corked (dammit! it was the last bottle, too), flowers ] and fruit beneath []
Too bad! Was there no other bottle? He's selling the stuff, right? Why let the clients taste a corked bottle?
Thanks again for the notes.
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