TN: A Passetoutgrains that impressed!

Dinner last night was a bit delayed due to a dog-training session, but we
finally sat down to a delicious chicken with mustard, rice with mushroom and
chicken livers, and beans in a butter sauce. Along with dinner we had the 2001
Lafarge Bourgogne Passetoutgrains. I've never had a Passe-tout-grains (hyphens?
no hyphens?) that really impressed me, but Lafarge is a favorite producer, so
had decided it was worth $12 to try. Very light color, but great depth of
flavor. Raspberry and bittersweet cherry fruit, good pure flavors, nice
finish. Light pretty wine that was very food-friendly. I was told 50/50 Pinot
Noir/Gamay from 50 yr old vines. $12 on Zachy's website this week, I ordered
more first thing this AM. B+/A-
Now I'm looking forward to trying the Lafarge Aligote (never actually had a
Lafarge white, that I can recall).

Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B
a good wine, C mediocre at best. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a
party where it was only choice.
Dale Williams
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