TN: Ducru, Lardy, Jadot, Marguet, Luneau-Papin, Pomponette, Algueira

Friends!!! We?ve had some friends in the yard for drinks and snacks over last month, but Friday was our first dinner that we?ve hosted in 3 months. Just one other couple., spaced tables, careful protocol.
Started with some canapes - smoked mackerel , beet hummus, soppressata
Marguet Shaman 16 Rose Champagne (12/18 disgorgement)
Very pale, strawberry and citrus, fine mousse, really fun if not the stunner the 2015 was. B+/A-
1975 Ch. Ducru-Beaucaillou
Cassis and black plum, cedar and cigarbox, light earth notes. Still some structure, nice length, holds well. Tobacco and mushroom notes more pronounced with time. Pretty classic mature St. Julien. A-
2012 Algueira ?Merenzao? (Ribeira Sacra)
Old vines Trousseau. Herby with red fruit and smoke. Good but better on day 2 B-
Saturday just us for oysters, skate in brown butter/caper sauce, snap pea/potatoes
2017 Luneau-Papin ?L d?Or Granite? Muscadet
Full and rich but with plenty of acidic grip, citrus and seashell. B+/A-
Sunday bouillabaisse plus burrata with raw and charred snap peas
2019 Pomponette Rose (Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence)
Light, pale, and easy, with saline finish. B
Monday?s Zoom tasting was a Moulin-a-Vent comparison with different age. Both did well with a difficult pairing- grilled pork tenderloin in a chile/cumin marinade, herby couscous, grilled squash
2017 Yohan Lardy ? Vieilles Vignes de 1903? Moulin-a-Vent
When first opened this had a streak of what I call geranium - no one else thought this- I think this is some genetic sensitivity I have towards something that is sometimes in Gamay (usually Loire though) and Pineau d?Aunis. It faded over time, dark berries and coffee, good body, nice minerally (one person said chalky) finish. I initially was thinking C+, but at least a B by end
2007 Clos de Jacques (Jadot) ?La Roche? Moulin-a-Vent
Some bottle variation here, some people reported some oxidative notes, mine was clean with no oxidative notes (and held up over a couple hours). Red fruit, some smoke, soft tannins, quite nice. B/B+
Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C
drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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Very interesting post as always, Dale. While my part of PA was in the governor's 'red zone', it was only practically possible for me to get wines from local producers. Now that we've made two steps forward to 'green', I might actually be able to buy wines similar to what you normally post about on here.
Dan-O (who's in the mood for white bourgogne)
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Dan the Man
While my part of PA was in the governor's 'red zone', it was only practically possible for me to get wines from local producers.
Luckily NYS declared wine shops essential business! Hope you find a good white Burg!
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Weirdly, PA declared beer distributors essential but not the state-run wine stores. One could still get cheap plonk at certain food stores - hence my occasional trips to local producers.
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Dan the Man

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