TN: Nick and Mark take SOBER down less traveled roads (Bandol, Madiran, Australia, etc)

Nick was hosting SOBER, but for logistical reasons was moved to Mark? ?s home. I picked up Franco at Tarrytown train, we arrived to find Nick ( assisted by Nancy) busy prepping, with some nice canapes out (seared tuna w ith seaweed and wasabi, mushroom/truffle)
There was a sample bottle of the Licataa Lambrusco (fancy packaging, velvet capsule, aiming a bit upscale/blingy). Well done Lambrusco, appropriate sw eetness, light tannin B/B-
Plus Nick had 2 Champagnes out 2004 Pol Roger Bready, sprightly, nice pear and apple with a flinty/smoky edge. Elegant mo usse, long. A-/B+
2002 Gosset Celebris Long full and lemony, B+ Some others had strong preference for the Celebris
To table where there was a series of amuses (short rib, duck, and more)
Mark’s mystery wine 2012 Prieure Roch Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru VV Someone got Burgundy quickly, and when someone guessed ‘93 seemed a ppropriate. Lifted nose, raspberry and cranberry, lighter bodied, with some tertiary aromas of fallen leaves and mushrooms. When Mark said not ? ?93, I assumed older. I was shocked when revealed. Very good, but hard to believe 6 years old. My first taste of this cult producer. B+ , at full ma turity!
Cathleen had brought a couple of open samples, a 2008 Ch. Ducru-Beaucaillou and 1985 Ch. Ducru-Beaucaillou (reconditioned at chateau) - quite enjoyed, but didn’t take notes.
OK , on to main event. Nick had a fun assortment of wines for us.
Flight 1 (Nick says not from regions we often drink at SOBER) Wine #1 - horribly corked. Turns out to be 1980 Caves San Jao Porta dos Cavaleiros
Wine #2 Red and black fruits, mushroom/truffle, nicely balanced. I liked a lot but had no clue. 1991 Ferreirinha Barca Velha A-/B+
Flight 2 (Nick says not most famous regions of this country, once someone a sks if France, that helps my guessing a lot) Wine #3 Some tannin, cassis and cigarbox, not very long. I would have guessed Borde aux, but based on Nick’s hint I get appellation right on first try. Never heard of producer before. 1989 Ch.d'Aydie Madiran B
Wine #4 Black fruited, sweat, meaty. Again with Nick’s help I get appellati on, Craig immediately guesses producer. 1988 Ch. Pradeaux Bandol B/B+
Flight 3 Wine #5 1971 Monsanto Chianti Classico Riserva High acids, crisp, leather and dried cherry. I liked more than table B+
Wine #6 1971 Badia a Coltibuono Chianti Classico Riserva I’m not sure I’ve ever had a Madeira that maderized. :)
Because there were 2 flawed wines, Mark sent to cellar for a backup. Which turned out to be corked. Which was sad as it was the 1971 Mayacamas. Sob
Main course was rack of lamb, a quinoa/rice pilaf, and Brussels sprouts wit h shiitake At this point Mark revealed that Nick had asked for help sourcing wines mos tly out of the SOBER mainstream (especially no Bdx or Burg)
Flight 4 Wine #7 High toned red fruit, road tar flowers, a bit lighter than companions. I ge t appellation knowing not Barolo or Barbaresco. 1971 Le Colline Monsecco “Conte Ravizza Riserva Speciale” Gattinara B+
Wine #8 A bit of barnyard, slightly stewy red fruits, some structure but weakest of flight. I’m surprised when unveiled, I’ve had great bottle s of this. But at 40+ it’s bottle to bottle. 1971 Marcarini Brunate Barolo B-/B
Wine #9 Lovely, elegant, understated. Floral and feminine, but with backbone. 1971 Gaja Barbaresco A-
Flight 5 Wine #10 Strange big whiff of black tea, but blows off, leathery black fruit with so me meat and mint. Quite interesting, fun wine. 1968 Lindeman's Bin 3810 Nyrang Hermitage B+ (I believe Nick said from Clar e, Coonawara, and one other region)
Wine #11 Mint and eucalyptus, kirsch, a bit heady but with good depth. 1982 Penfolds Grange B/B+
Wine #12 Supposed to be blind, but I confessed I saw capsule to identify producer, b ut guessed correctly on variety. Beeswax, orange marmalade, apricot jam. De nse and rich but with backbone,. 1994 Zind-Humbrecht “Clos Jebsal ” Pinot Gris SGN A-/B+
Really fun night, thanks Mark and Nick
Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a p arty where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivi ty, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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In message , DaleW writes
I assume this wasn't their vin de liqueur, Maydie? But even that is supposed to be drunk at 5-10 years, so I would be surprised if they make a normal one that would last 19. (I just got out a Maydie 2013 to drink in a couple of days.) Sheila
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Sheila Page
This was the regular Madiran. Maybe they have changed blend or vinification - back then this was 100% Tannat, not the funnest wines to drink young. I know lots of Madirans now blend in some softer grapes, and/or use micro-o x techniques.
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