TN: Wines in GA- California, Burgundy (not Cote d'Or), Champagne

A few days in Georgia celebrating Thanksgiving with family. We weren't
checking luggage, so I visited a store (Harry's Market) on our second
day and grabbed a couple bottles, plus my brother brought a couple to
Thursday's feast (though a Kistler chard was never opened). No wine
Tuesday, but Wednesday Dad made a seafood casserole, and I opened
the 2007 de Villaine Bouzeron, an Aligote. Crisp, lemony, moderate
body, but with a slightly odd grassy/chemical note on nose. On day 2
that seems to blow off. Not bad once nose cleared, but in mid-$20s not
worth looking for. B-
Thursday was of course the big day, and we had turkey, ham, dressing,
mac and cheese, potatoes, kohlrabi, rutabagas, Brussels sprouts, sweet
potatoes 2 ways, cranberry sauce and relish, salad, and a few things
I've forgotten. We started with a toast to my mom, who had a good
report on a scan this week (she's in chemo). Wine was the NV Aubry 1er
Cru Brut Champagne. Full framed, a touch austere, apples and yeast
rolls. Quite dry, good acids, I'm surprised when my CalChard loving
sister in law quite likes. I did , too! B+/A-
Red was the 2007 Peter Michael L'Esprit de Pavots (is this the second
wine?). Big, lush, blueberry meets blackberry, vanilla cola notes. Not
really my style, but generous of my brother to bring. B-/C+
We didn't open the 2009 Jadot-Beaujolais-Villages, but I opted to on
Friday night rather than continue with the Cali blend (dinner was of
course leftovers). I didn't have a lot of expectation from a huge
production BV, but this was actually pretty tasty- ripe red and black
cherries, a floral note, good acidity, just a hint of earth.
Unpretentious and straightforward, I'd buy this again. B
I have to say that wine-buying in Georgia (in my limited experience)
is tough. There's one good (but expensive to my NY eyes) wine shop I
know of in area where my family lives (Hinton's, in Alpharetta) but
while close to my brother it's a good drive from my parents where we
were staying. Most wine is sold in grocery stores, and selection is
wide but shallow- tons of KJ, Smoking Loon, Yellowtail, etc with a few
higher end wines at "higher than I'm used to" prices (at all levels).
I shopped at Harry's Market, now owned by Whole Foods, which has an ok
selection, but again nosebleed prices. I chose the Aubry because it
was the one wine I thought both interesting and reasonably priced
($35), the Villaine because I seldom see their wines around here, and
the Jadot because I had spent way too long in wine area and needed to
get out. I actually tried for an American wine for an American
holiday, but things I considered were so over-priced (Dashe Dry Creek
Zin was in low $30s) I couldn't pull trigger.
Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent
wine, B a good wine, C mediocre. Anything below C means I wouldn't
drink at a party where it was only choice. Furthermore, I offer no
promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency. 
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?Had you asked for recommendations in the Atlanta area, you would have found that there several good wine stores here, including Green's, Tower, Ansley Square, Sherlock's, Pops!, and Duluth Fine Wines, just to name a few. In addition, the DeKalb Farmers Market has an extensive inventory with very good prices.
Mike Hagley
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Mike Hagley
Mike, thanks. On various wine fora I've heard of most of these. But to my knowledge none is less than about a 30 minute drive (with good traffic, always iffy on 400) from where my parents live (just west of old center of Alpharetta). The closest "fine wine" store I know of is Chris Hinton's - in Alpharetta, but on far end from where I'm staying. On their end of Alpharetta there is just supermarkets and package stores that have wine in big letters on sign, but have even more limited selections (at higher prices) than the grocery stores. It looks like if I was south of Sandy Springs/Dunwoody I've have more options.With my limited time to visit family, it seems to me my options are Harry's, a bit of a drive to Hinton's, or just checking a bag and bringing my wine
I'm just making generalizations based on my experiences, not judging stores in general.
Prices in GA in general seem high to me compared to my competitive markets, even if I could get to the stores.
Mike, I
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Strange that you were not looking for any Reislings(Alsace) or Bandol Rose (goes good with Turkey and Ham). Surpisingly you were considering heavy reds. I never feel heavy reds work with Turkey, unless its an all dark meat turkey called DUCK. My place in Buckhead has a great wine selection near by. Some Publix's and some Krogers actually have wine stewards and they have great selections and decent pricing. One thing I find lacking in both Ga and NC where we live is decent Red Burgs. But then, thats not really a big selling in these markets. The distributors don't want to trip over themselves turning items into commodoties as in NYC. So I buy mine from NYC when I can get them. Sorry to hear about mom on Chemo...lots of that going around.
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Dick N

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