TN: Zoom group does 2014 Pomerol (VCC)

Our Monday night Zoom group met last night, with a few new people (NY and Oregon). Wine was the 2014 Vieux Chateau Certan. I decanted when I got home about 5, a bit behind other participants. I tried a bit with dinner (ankimo, duck breast, potato salad, salad, and assorted oshinko- well, I tried with the duck, not with the ankimo or pickles) but it was pretty tight. I saved some duck for the tasting. Nose remained pretty quiet for a while, I was surprised by the gentleness of the tannins, though I know not a ?big? vintage. Red fruited, though occasionally a thought of cassis crossed my mind, definite pleasant herby notes. It was really towards the end (and after) of the Zoom call that the nose began to open up, with the fruit blossoming, the herbs intensifying, and a little mushroomy note adding to complexity. Long tangy mineral finish. I don?t drink much young Bordeaux, but this was quite impressive with good future ahead.A-
The ankimo
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the duck
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