distilled water in kits

When diluting kit concentrate some use distilled water. Others use tap water. Still others use filtered tap water free of chlorine.
I have read that distilled water does not provide necessary nutrients and minerals to yeast and should be avoided.
Anyone have any thoughts on water for kits? If the above is true, and yeast needs natural minerals in the water, would pure spring water be the best reccomendation?
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i know a guy that uses tap water and someone that uses distilled water in everything from his car to his wine and both methods work . lucas
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When dealing with a kit, I don't think it matters about nutrients/minerals/whatever in the water. The kit has everything needed in it. This is not necessarily true when making wine from fruits/grapes/whatever.
Spagnols usually says 'any water that you like to drink that doesn't contain chlorine'. I don't like to drink distiled water, so I don't use it personally. I do, however, use Reverse Osmosis water.
WinExpert (Tim specifically) said that the amount of chlorine in 'normal' tap water is not a problem because something in the kit takes care of it. (Sorry I did not track the chemical details.)
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Steve Waller

I would go with distilled or better yet deionized (RO).
Tartaric acid precipitates out not only as potassium salts, but also as calcium salts. While potassium is not found at very high levels in tap water normally, calcium is often found at significant levels.
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