Finally getting last year's wine bottled

I'm really late this year in getting my wine bottled. I just did 36
bottles of blackberry wine two weeks ago, and another 40 bottles of
cherry wine this past weekend. I've still got 5 gal of peach wine waiting
but I've got a little more time available now so I ought to get that done
this week.
I had to get it going because the current cherry season is almost over
and that's when my neighbor (an orchardist) brings me a big box of culls
to turn into wine. I've got to get my work table cleared off.
I didn't pick any blackberries at all this year. I was just too busy with
other things. But the blackberries will be back again next year, creeping
out into the lawn as usual, I'm sure.
And I think I'm going to buy a bigger corking machine soon. My hands are
really getting sore using this Gilda corker. It works good, it's just
tough to squeeze after awhile. I haven't decided yet on getting a bench
corker with a big lever, or really putting some money into it and getting
a floor model with a foot pedal.
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I did a Welches white grape/cherry wine that I started back on Good Friday. I just had to open one of the bottles. Pretty good. A Jack Keller site mixture.
I have the red floor model of the corker and love it. It's worth the dollars spent on it.
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I've made cherry wine for the past two years from the cull cherries that my neighbor (an orchardist) kindly gives me for free. I have used a Gilda hand corker for three years now and... I'm ready to move up to something a little easier on my hands.
But I haven't decided on a bench corker with a big lever, or a floor corker with a foot pedal (and a lot more money). Let me know how you like your corker and whether it was worth the money.
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