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Hi there!
We have a surfeit of plums this year - and very nice they are too! - but rather than letting them go to waste, I was wondering how easy it'd be to make plum wine? I've found a few recipes online but was wondering if anyone here had any first-hand tips they could pass on?
Thanks in advance!
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john smith
Plums have a lot of sugar in them. So you have to be careful how much sugar you add or the yeast won't handle it.
And you need to use a yeast with a high tolerance for sugar.
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Tom Kunich

Pit and freeze them first. The freezing breaks down the cell walls. You'll need a hydrometer to know how much sugar is present and how much to add. The types of plums vary greatly just as grapes or other fruits do. Some make a very nice wine and some just fair. Go to
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, you'll get good advise. There have bee recent threads about plums as well. Steve
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Steve Peek

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