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Hello, I have been renting a motorized machine but at $40 a pop it is adding up. I found a used manual crusher/destemmer for about half the price of a new one, but I don't know how practical it is for doing a 1000-1300 lbs of grapes? I do have about 4-5 helpers. What is the most anyone has done with one of these machines and how long did it take? Thank You, Alex
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This year I crushed 32 boxes using a manual crusher (no destemmer). We could put one box in the hopper and crank it through. One persone would crank, the other would sift through the out put and pull out the stems. We processed 32 cases in about 2.5-3 hrs.
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In 2004, we processed about 2000 pounds in 3 hours with a few of us really cranking hard.
Bought the 1hP crusher/destemmer in 2005 and process 3500lb in 1.75 hours. I'll never go back to manual but keep it around in case we've a huge problem with the motorized.
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