My first batch of wine is still bubbling to know when to rack it for secondary fermentation?

I was given a Merlot making kit for Christmas and excitedly started making my first ever batch of wine on Feb 11th. The instructions say that fermentation should have slowed dramatically by day 10 and that I should rack the wine for secondary fermentation.
Well I gave it an extra day to see if things would slow, but these little yeast seem to be eating and metabolizing away in there. My airlock will release a bubble every 20 seconds or so and I can see streams and streams of bubbles rising from the wine.
I do not have a way to measure specific gravity so that may narrow my options, but can someone offer a first timer a bit of advice?
Should I wait until the bubbling truly slows before racking and starting secondary fermentation? ....or.... Should I just Rack it today as the instructions call for?
FYI: This is a small (1 gallon) Merlot making kit from Vino Corporation.
Thanks in advance gang!
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It is probably going slower than average due to cool temperatures, unless you have made an effort to keep it warm. Also, keeping it under airlock during "primary" fermentation may have kept it from going as fast as it could. Another day might be OK, but I wouldn't wait too long to avoid possible off-flavors from dead yeast sediment.
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