My first Batch yeast question

Hi all,
Last night I started my first batch. I am using one of Jack's recipes
for Strawberry wine. I made two slight changes from the recipe.
The first is the recipe called from yeast Nutrient. In the kit I have
it contained both yeast nutrient and yeast energizer, thus I added the
yeast energizer & yeast nutrient according to the directions on the
bottles. This shouldn't be a problem?
The Second and I think this may be a problem. The recipe from Jack's
site did not call for using Campden tablets, however other reading on
his site states to always use Campden tablets, so I used them at the
amount of 1 tablet per gallon of must. However, I added my yeast
about 20 minutes after using these tablets. I noticed that on most of
the recipes that have Campden listed they say to wait 12-24 hours
before adding the yeast. So, my question is will my yeast start
working, or today, 24 hours later, should I add another packet of
yeast since the yeast I added yesterday is dead?
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You indicate you are making a kit strawberry. I don't know which of Jack's recipes you are following but you probably should lean toward following the kit instructions as much as possible.
If fermentation is not obvious after 24 hours, pitch some more yeast. It will not hurt anything and yeast is cheap.
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Dan, you've raised at least three points, so let me cover them.
Yeast nutrient and yeast energizer are not the same thing at all and are not interchangable. Each has a purpose and rarely do I encourage one to add both products at the same time (look up each item in "Glossary of Winemaking Terms" at
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. However, since you have done so there is no turning back -- you cannot remove the energizer. It will probably cause no harm, but should not be used unless actually needed.
My website has a page called "Getting Started" at
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that contains a section called "Using Recipes." There I explain that in the interest of brevity many of the recipes were written without reference to using Campden tablets or potassium metabisulfite, but good winemaking practices require you to use one or the other and you are encouraged to do so. I also discuss the frequency at which you should add additional doses if you do not test for SO2 periodically. I usually recommend that one reads "Getting Started" before they start, but since you didn't I recommend you read it now.
Adding the yeast almost immediately after adding the Campden is not recommended, as it will certainly create an environment the yeast will not like. However, after a few hours the initial dose of SO2 will diminish somewhat and the yeast will decide it will not kill them and do what they are there to do. Also, most commercial strains of wine yeast are much more tolerant of SO2 than are wild strains, which is one of the reasons to add SO2 initially -- to slow down wild yeast so the yeast you added can get a head start at dominating the fermentation. Remember, Campden does not kill yeast, at least not this low a dosage, but it does cause most yeast to cease propagation for a while (a few minutes to a few hours). I suspect by the time you read this your must will show evidence of active fermentation.
Jack Keller, The Winemaking Home Page
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Jack Keller
This is not from a kit, but using the strawberry #2 - possibly #3 from the requested strawberries recipies on Jacks Site.
ok, leason learned! :) I guess I thought energizer was used to get the yeast going? Is it not recommended to be used?
Thanks Jack. I did read that page, as well as a thread either on here, or in your weblog explaining exactly what you stated above - good practice to always use them. The yeast part is what I didn't understand. Thats why I used them even though the recipie left them out.
No signs of fermentation yet, but I have moved my batch to a warmer environment. It was about 68* so I think everything was on hold waiting for a bit of a warm spell.
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sorry, one more thing. The Kit I was referring to was the "wineMAKING kit" I purchased. the hardware side of things. Not a "wine kit".
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