What to top up Petit Verdot kit with?

I started a Winexpert 2005 Limited Petit Verdot a couple weeks ago and want to top up with a decent wine rather than water. What would be a good wine to use? I was thinking of just using a cab or merlot?
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Mark G.

If you're going to top up with anything, a cab or a merlot would probably be fine. Petit Verdot is often part of the Bordeaux blend with cab and merlot. Better than water, for sure. But I don't know enough about Petit Verdot to know which of the other varietals it matches closely. Maybe cab franc?
Are you going to bulk age? How much head space do you have? In the past I have also used an inert gas to fill head space, rather than top up at all. Our local liquor store sells small cans of gas (argon, I think) for squirting into opened wine bottles to keep it longer.
I've tried it with carboys and airspace and had good results. Just a thought.
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One question is: was the original recipe designed to be topped up with water? If so, then water is perfectly okay. Otherwise, I would plan on NOT topping up. Get some jugs the right size that you do not have to. Get a bunch of 1 gal. and some 1/2 gallon jugs and some extra airlocks. That way you can rack it into carboys that do not require topping up. You can even get some little airlock bungs that will fit magnums or regular wine bottles, but when I get down to that level I usually just drink the leftovers! ;o)
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Ray Calvert

The directions say to top up with water or preferably a similar wine. I'm thinking it might not need anything since the added wine won't add anything and it's just there as a space filler. I think I'll just fill the empty carboy with CO2 and then rack and top off with another blanket of CO2.
Thanks, Mark
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Mark G.

Commercial wineries often use inert gas to minimize wine oxidation in their large tanks. But, more is involved than just squirting a little CO2 gas into the container. Keeping containers full is a much safer and _easier_ procedure for home winemakers. Good luck.
Lum Del Mar, California, USA
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Mark, To just add a little to Lum's comment, was just at a winery on saturday that uses CO2 to cover wine waiting for bottling. He blankets at a minimum every 4 days, so just blowing in a little gas and assuming its good for long term is erroneous thinking...
Dwebb Cadiz, KY
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