Who on this site is responsible for weeding out spam?

No one apparently. Why do you think people are going to be attracted to your group if you don't make an effort to block out spam or deleting spam posts. Of the most recent posts, I counted at least 60 spam on the first 8 or 9 pages alone.
This group is kinda like the ugliest house on the block, the one with the lawn never mowed, and covered up with weeds 6 feet tall. What makes you think that people are going to want to visit?
Another disappointed wine maker
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Joel writes:
Do you not understand the concept of unmoderated newsgroups? I read it through eternal-september.org; the volume is low, but I don't think I've encountered any spam.
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Joe Pfeiffer

Ann and frederick - the site works OK for me, today anyway. Maybe it was down at the time you looked.
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