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I have started a winemaking group on Yahoo Groups and would like to see some new members and activity there. This is a private group but I have approved all new members so far.
While unrelated commercial announcements (mortgage rates, web pharmacies, etc.) are NOT welcome and will result in the originator being banned for the sake of the rest of us, RELATED commercial messages from winemaking suppliers, especially those that provide a discount to members, are welcome, as long as they are n good taste.
Here's a link to the group:
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You can sign up for web-only access, or email access. I recommend email access, either in individual message or digest form, but it's your choice.
There is a possibility that if you sign up on a Friday through Sunday that I might not see your request for membership until Sunday evening, so please be patient.
We have a beermaking group also, with more activity, but we welcome more. If you post a question, you ususally will get a reply within a few hours, and several more later on.
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Is there any longer a group called" I had been involved with it many years ago, I would like to get caught up to date with it. Thanks for imput.
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Elayne Mott

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