Advice plzz on carbonating

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Hi all forgive me as I have only just started with this hobby :)
My question is this : I have done the formenting thing, now transfered my
brew (larger) to a presure barrel, it says that now I should leave the
presure barrel in a warm place for 2 days then transfer the barrel to
somewhere cold for a further 8 days.The problem I have with this is that it
dosent say when I should screw the corbonated cylinder to the top of the
barrel???Once I do screw the cylinder on do I leave it on for the life of
the beer???Can anybody enlighten me on this ???
  Thanks :)

Re: Advice plzz on carbonating

I have no idea what system you're using but it sounds to me like you're
doing a dyacetyl rest for the 2 days then dropping the temp for the
remainder of your fermentation.  Next will be your lagering stage.
This can take weeks or months at just above freezing temps.  I normally
force carbonate the last week or so of the lagering phase.  Hope that

Good luck,


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Re: Advice plzz on carbonating

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I'm guessing that your instructions probably said to put some sugar in with
the brew into the pressure barrel.  This should put some co2 into it during
secondary fermentation for those two days.  After the reccomended 8 days you
should be able to draw off the beer under its own pressure.  When the
presure drops (as you remove liquid) you just top up with the screw on co2
cannister ( a couple of one second blasts should be enough).  I have found
that it is purely for dispensing and makes very little difference to
carbobnation levels.  Just top up again when the flow from the tap slows.

Hope this helps.


Re: Advice plzz on carbonating

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Cheers exactly what i needed, but now I have another question my beer isnt
very fizzy why I followed the instructions to the letter,I tested a small
amount today and it should be about ready now but its flat should I add more
sugar or shake it up ???

Re: Advice plzz on carbonating

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In my experience with the plastic pressure barrels you don't really get a
great amount of carbonation.  When I was at that stage and wanted fizzy beer
I just used old fashioned bottles with great success.  My experience has
been that to get fizzy kegged beer you have to move to something more
substantial like a cornelius keg setup with a proper bottled supply of CO2
with a regulator.  I'm at this stage now and still experimenting (see
elsewhere on this group for advice on temps, pressures, line length etc from
others who know much more than me!).

Probably not the answer you were looking for but in the mean time you could
try chilling the barrel and adding more gas at regular intervals.  I think
the couple of squirts at a time method is best.  I think that if you tried
to leave to bottle connected and on without a regulator you'd be asking for
trouble.  Of course I'm assuming here that you are using something like a
King Keg pressure barrel and one of the Hambleton Bard (soda stream sized)
CO2 refillable bottles - this is the setup I used to use.

Hope this is of some use.


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Re: Advice plzz on carbonating

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When you say pressure barrel are you referring to a keg?  I am going to make
some assumptions here:

Artificial carbonation in a keg pressurize when you rack to keg @ about
25psi for a few days.  Sugar carbonation in a keg add 1/3 cup sugar that has
been boiled w/ water and wait for the 10 days.  Pressure needs to be
maintained for the life or it will go flat..


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