Are Micro-Brewery's a waste of money for a beginner?

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Hey all, I'm looking at giving Home Brew a burl, as most of the local beer  
here is shite (Australia), and I'm looking to see if we can make something  

We were looking at a Cooper's Micro-Brewery (,  
but a little research I did seems to suggest that buying a brewpot and  
using several fermenters, along with a bottling bucket, might be the way  
to go.

Are Micro-Breweries alright, are they versatile enough for  
experimentation, or is it better to organize our own brewing vessel,  
bottling bucket, and all the rest?

I guess I could always mix up custom wort and use that in the  
micro-brewery, but I'm not very experience in the entire field of home  
brew, so I'm not sure if that's completly possible.  Common sense says it  
is... but I'm studying engineering, common sense plays no part in my  

Cheers all!


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Re: Are Micro-Brewery's a waste of money for a beginner?
That's the way most of us start out.  The Coopers kits are cheap and are a
great way for people to find out if they want to continue the hobby.

A decent quality beer can be made with a Coopers kit, but I'll make two

1) Replace the sugar in the kit with a second can of hopped malt extract
2) Ignore the temperature guides that Coopers give you, if you are making a
lager try to keep the temp below 12c during fermentation and under 20c for

Let us know how you go.

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Re: Are Micro-Brewery's a waste of money for a beginner?
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Before anything i sugest that you read It will answer most of your questions and also explain you why do things a
certain way. If you study engenering it mean that just using a reciepe
wihtout knowing why is not your favorite thing, you will find some
explanations of the brewing process there that would be to long to give in
this NG.

If you have specific questions after that feel free to ask them here.

As for the Coopers homebrew kit, lot of the stuff in there is stuff that you
will need but some of it are useless like the bottles (it easy to just
collect glass bottles and clean them, why pay extra to have brand new ones).
Also the included extract kit is not bad for a first time but you can do a
lot better if you use extract and specialty grain (section 2 of how to brew)
without much more trouble.
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Re: Are Micro-Brewery's a waste of money for a beginner?
I'm coming to australia to open up a brew pub mate...I need some info. on
moving there. Write me and we can swap
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