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I have no problem bottling my old Canadian stubbies or Corona bottles with
my old style capper. New screw tops are a bit more difficult. Any
suggestions on my plight or should I start collecting Coke bottles (as
previous post described)!

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Re: Bottling screw tops
On Fri, 25 Feb 2005 20:25:34 -0700, "Tom Lampman"

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Some screwtops just can't be capped with crown caps and any capper a
home brewer wants to spend the money on.

Get friendly with your local beverage place and see what they'd charge
you for empties.  (You should be able to get them for the deposit
price if you have bottle deposit in your state.)

Re: Bottling screw tops
For what it's worth... I've been bottling brew in screw top bottles
for 3 years. Very,very few duds. I simply save the original caps from
commercial brews, put them in hot water at brewing time and screw them
on to the filled bottles. Have to use a thin glove on my capping hand
to keep from getting blisters. However... It works for me!!

Re: Bottling screw tops
On Sun, 27 Feb 2005 01:49:09 GMT, wrote:

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Seems to me I once saw the caps in a homebrew supply catalog.  

More importantly, have you looked at any of the screw off cap removers
as a way to save your hands?  They are a piece of anodized aluminum
extrusion, ~1/4" thick with an inside shape that fits over the cap and
allows greater leverage.

Re: Bottling screw tops
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I have no trouble at all capping my old screw top longnecks. But I've been
told this is because we breed our bottles strong here in Australia.
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Re: Bottling screw tops
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I know one thing. I try to only buy beer in bottles that do not have twist
off tops. There are exceptions, but if I am deciding between beers that are
twist off or pry off. Well, I don't pick the twist off. I have bottled over
600 bottles since September. Now that I have a good supply of drinking beer,
I can brew some big beers, barley wines, meads or braggots. That way I can
let them age and just drink my supply. And as I drink them, that will free
up bottles to reuse.


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