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I'm reading JOY OF HOMEBREWING & just watched BASIC BREWING (DVD).

What size and material brew pot would you recommend for a new home brewer?

I have a big Aluminum pot (Turkey fryer) that should work but I'm told that
Stainless Steel or Enamel are the way to go.

What is a good pot to get that I will not likely outgrow quickly?


Re: Brew Pot? Size & Material

Depends on the size of the batch. If you are starting at a 5 gallon
batch then I'd start with a 8-10 gallon brewpot. I prefer stainless. I
know of some really good brews that came from an aluminum turkey frypot
so I guess I'd start with what you have. Just remember that everything
that touches the beer after the boil should be sanitized.


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Re: Brew Pot? Size & Material

On 2006-07-08 00:29:27 -0500, BierNewbie

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If your only doing extract brewing to start, even a 5 gallon pot is
fine.  When you finish up all you do is added the remaining needed
water to the carboy to get it up to the 5 gallons.  Turkey pot will
work just fine for right now.

Re: Brew Pot? Size & Material

Brian Foster wrote:
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The problem with Aluminum, as I understand it, is because of the
acidity of the wort you can leech aluminum out of the pot into the
wort. Not a good thing if you're concerned about heavy metal
poisioning. I don't know this as fact, just what I've read.

I started out with a large SS stock pot. It was only 4 gal but at the
time I was only doing extract brews so I just did a 3 gal boil and
added water to the carboy to bring it up to 5 gal in the primary.
Later on when I started doing all grain my wife bought me a stainless
steel turkey fryer (8.5 gal) so we, my brew buddy Bob and I,  could do
a full 5 gal boil. That lasted for about 6 months before we found a
used 15 gal SS beer keg. We cut the top out of it and it makes a great
brew kettle. We still use the 8.5 gal pot to heat mash and sparge water
in. We are now doing 10 gal batches, we split the brews so 5 gal
batches were just going too fast.
Put out the word that you're looking for a large SS pot, that's how we
got the keg. A friend of my son's had it in his garage and gave it to
us,  And my brother found a SS turkey fryer and the burner at a garage
sale for $10. Scrap metal yards are another good place to look. A keg
will run about $45 but they also get industrial size SS pots from time
to time.

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Re: Brew Pot? Size & Material

Griz wrote:

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However, the pH of wort isn't low enpough for this to be an issue...


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Re: Brew Pot? Size & Material

Griz wrote:
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...and here's a little something Larry Bristol wrote in another thread
regarding the same issue:

"It's an old myth.  At one time, there was a scare that aluminum in
water and from cooking vessels was linked to Alzheimer's Disease.
There is
little evidence of this in the real world.  Here is a link to a FAQ
the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences:
Larry Bristol --- The Double Luck"

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