expired malt extract

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I found 2 old cans of malt extract out in my shed last week. One was Gold
Rush Pilsner without any dried yeast & the other one is coopers bitter. The
Gold Rush can was stored on it's side & had alot of rust on it & seems to
have expanded slightly, could not find expire date on can. Coopers Bitter
can has best before 02/02/03 so it's 2 years past expire date. Will this
still be ok to brew?. I'm brewing the Gold Rush atm & it's fermenting well
with the included Coopers Bitter yeast. I thought some of the yeast might be
dead but I started it up in a cup for 24 hours and it got all foamy so the
yeast is ok. Going to use the same yeast for the coopers bitter as well
after the gold rush has finished. Has any have experience brewing with
expired malt extract? and if so how does it effect the flavour.

Ok thanks

Re: expired malt extract
On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 21:08:29 +1100, "James Rowland"

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I've had a few expanded cans of LME and used them with no ill effects.
The hops flavor may attenuate with age.  I don't know if malt extract
can support a harmful bacteria . . .

I did discover, the hard way, that it is best to chill the can before
breaking the seal.

Re: expired malt extract

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From what I have read on the beer newsgroups.
The extract darkens considerably over time. Old extract does produce off
flavours apparently. Cidery has been mentioned amongst others. Hop flavours
may become subdued in old extract. There would be many here who would
recommend you don't waste your time.
Steve W.

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