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I recently brewed an American Ale from an online recipe I found (extract and
grain).  My starting gravity was considerably higher than expected, 1.084
actual vs. 1.062 expected. Fermentation went as expected for 5 days, then
went quiet. I bottled using corn sugar, and tried a bottle 2 weeks later. No
carbonation at all. Is it possible that the higher gravity produced too much
alcohol for the Wyeast 1056 to cabonate the beer? (Final gravity was 1.014).
Thanks in advance!

Re: No Carbonation

Lonnie Donner wrote:
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Your numbers don't sound far enough out for the yeast to not be able to
carbonate.  As for the SG not being what you expected, at what temp did
you measure and were you sure that everything was mixed well?  If you
were doing a partial boil, the water you added to bring up to the 5 gal
(or whatever your final volume was) may have been cooler than the wort.
  Complete mixing is a must.  Also, depending on how your hydrometer is
calibrated, you should be measuring at ~70F.  Next, at what temp did you
bottle condition?  I generally let my bottles sit in a spare room at
home with a temp right around 70F for 2 weeks and then check one.  This
usually works, but some times it takes longer.  After they are
carbonated enough, I move them down into the basement, which is closer
to the lower 60's.
Hope that helps.

Michael Herrenbruck
DragonTail Ale
Drunken Bee Mead

Re: No Carbonation

Check this link
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