Odd final gravity

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I don't want to call this a problem because it's really not. I'd just like  
a little feedback from the community.
The last several batches of beer I've made, including an oatmeal stout,  
have fermented all the way down to 1.010. I've been sticking to Wyeast  
2112 and 1056 mostly, although other yeasts have produced the same effect.  
Five years ago I did a Trappist with an OG of 1.084 and it also fermented  
out to 1.010.
There are no off flavors and the finished product is also a pleasure to  
I make 14.5 gallon batches at a time and normal fermentation time in the  
primary is 2-3 weeks and secondary fermentation until I feel the FG is  
reached. That may be as long as 2 months or more.
Anyone else have this experience?

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Re: Odd final gravity

I am going to comment in a way that many will disagree with:
Using a beer hydrometer is tricky particularly when the scale is also marked
for wine as most are.
It is not hard to get a very good feel for what is going on & the use of a
hydrometer rarely helps in my experience.
Frankly although I have owned a couple of good quality hydrometers for years
I use them rarely & then more out of interest, or because I have a bit of
time on my hands.
I know when my brews have completed fermentation, its obvious after a
vigorous start & the gradually declining issue of gas over the airlock
during the next 4 days or so. I let the brew setlle & bottle with the
addition of 5 ml of white priming sugar into 750 ml bottles.
Not all my brews are great, but what faults do present are not capable of
remedial action as a result of a hydrometer reading.
This of course is heresy, but 40 odd years ago nobody bothered with a
hydrometer, we were too busy trying to obtain quality brewing yeasts, good
hops, & fighting against possible infection.
Not bad principles to follow now really.


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Re: Odd final gravity


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If it works for you ......

The Luddites were convinced they were right too, tho'.


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