Priming Sugar

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Hello all,
I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death, but I would like a concensus
from the group.
Is there a noticeable difference in using Corn Sugar vs DME when it comes to
priming for Bottleing?
and what would be the harm in using just regular table sugar instead of corn



Re: Priming Sugar
Dan Baker wrote:
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The difference between any sugar and DME is that with DME you don't
really have a good way of knowing what will happen.  Different DMEs have
different levels of fermentability, making it difficult to control how
much carbonation you're getting.  In addition, priming with DME offeres
no advantage...there's a myth floating around that DME give you "better
bubbles", but that's only because it takes longer for the DME to ferment
out as a priming, allowing more CO2 to go into solution.  Any other
priming given the same amont of tiome to work will provide equivalent
quality of carbonation.

You can certainly use table sugar in place of corn sugar for priming.


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