Using home grown hops...

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Firstly.... Hello all...
I'm new to these groups, but not to usenet or home-brewing.
I'm from Yorkshire in the UK and brew beer from grain, and
occasionally wine from kits or from stuff I've grown... which leads me
nicely on to my question...

Last year I planted an east kent golding hop plant, and it did really
well, although I didn't manage to store the hops properly and they
This year I plan to use them straight from the plant...

I've read somewhere that if you're using fresh hops you should use
twice the weight you would normally use.
Is this right? Also... Does using fresh hops add any unpleasant
flavour to the beer?



Re: Using home grown hops...

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   IIRC, hops lose about 80-85% of their weight when dried.

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   I've tasted decent commercial fresh-hop ale. I've also
tasted homebrewed and commercial fresh-hop ale that has had
a distinct, unpleasant herbal green-grass character.  I
stopped my own experimentation with using undried hops
after two (failed) attempts.
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Re: Using home grown hops...

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Try drying in a dehydrator if you have one.  You can also take a square panel
fan [like are used to blow air around the house] and place an airfilter on the
outlet side of the fan.  Place hops on the air filter and put another
airfilter on top of the hops.  Secure it and turn on the fan.  Stop drying
when the hops are the way you want them.  Use a vacuum sealer and store the
hops in the freezer until use.  No need to worry about rotting or weight
issues.  Having said that, homegrown hops are only good for aroma and flavor
unless you can get the AAU levels tested or if you brew test batches to
determine what bitterness to expected from using your hops [or if you get

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Re: Using home grown hops...

I grew quite a few hops when I was brewing heavily from the middle 70's
through the late 90's.  Many different varieties.  What I usually did was
assume that, since my plants were probably better cared for than those grown
commercially(better fertilized, better watered etc)  I would use the nominal
AA level for a particular variety(once they beame readily available - before
that we just guessed).  Never had a problem.
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