Double malted beer?

I am from Italy and I beg your pardon for my poor English which is not my mothertongue and perhaps not good enough to let me explain my question so, please be patient for this.
A (almost ex) friend of mine self defined wise and skillful in beer, who is running a pub, is always boring and annoying almost everybody (me included) with long and complicate explanation concerning "why" does not exist a duble malted beer, And I cannot start a session beer without listening the Brettanomyces history
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. My questions are: 1) is really true that does not exist a "double malted beer"? 2) is this Brettanomyces such important to get bored everybody is gettin in his bub for a simple session beer? Thanks to everybody in adavance.
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This newsgroup is dead, and your English isn't quite sufficient to make sense.
You could try asking in your native language, but maybe you should learn something about beer first. The questions above suggest you don't know a lot.
Join a beer forum on the web instead. There is much more going on there than in this dead newsgroup. Usenet has active newsgroups, but this is not one of them.
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