A nickel under every bottle cap ???

Heard this story back in 1977 so I know it was supposed to have occured
before that but I only heard the story once. I spent some time amongst
Canadians in the summer of 1977 and all the package beer sold
in Alberta was in Provincial liquor stores with the price set @ $4 for
a 12 pack.
I was told that one company (Uncle Ben's) tried to get around the fixed
price by putting a nickel under every bottle cap. I heard they did it
a very short time before Alberta put a stop to it.
Anyone know if this story is true ?
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h roark
Seems pretty unlikely to me, for two reasons.
"Uncle Ben's" (forgot what the official name of that brewery was) was not a microbrewery, where some beers might be bottled by hand, but a small regional which would have automated bottling/capping, one would imagine. While the speed of such machines might not be up to Molson numbers, I can't see how a nickel could stay on the bottle for accurate crown capping.
And, even if it could stay on the bottle top, centered correctly, the standard crown cap could not make a perfect, air tight seal with a nickel under it and I rather doubt that a brewer would order non-standard crown caps for such a give-away or bottling equipment could handle anything other than a standard crown cap.
When Uncle Ben's was in business, the crown capped (i.e., non-twist off) stubby bottle was still standard in the Canada, IIRC.
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It has been a long time but my few surviving memory cells tell me that Uncle Bens which had started in BC had opened in Red Deer moving into the Alberta market and there was a dispute over pricing and they taped a dime inside each case of 12 sold. Remember a case of 12 was under $3.00 in those days.
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Jim Breckenridge

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