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just wonderin' if anyone knows a spot to talk about this subject, I mean, tales o' drinkin' the suds, not crap about conglomerates, whatever, remember that first beer, or how many he.......
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Have your searched for such a "spot" here?
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Otherwise, just say what you want to say here. If you're corrected on something factual, or challenged about an opinion, or ignored, or the thread's highjacked, well, that's usenet for ya.
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Hi All, I just wandered in here looking for a place like Blue bemoans the lack of. I have a variety of tastes in beer and a temporary allotment of free time. I tend to like a heavier tasting beer, but I can enjoy a good mass produced American lager just fine, with maybe a qualifier regarding not in the same sitting as some other beers, i.e. Bud, Coors, or Miller Genuine are all just fine but can be poorly received when following Sam Adams Boston Lager. Redhook ESB, Samuel Smith IPA, etc.. Some Beers are just plain bad, however, like Blatz beer (was?). Truly, that beer did taste like water that corn was cooked in, like another poster in another thread humorously lampooned Bud.
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